Established in 1985, HOMEBRITE Corporation began with our first manufacturing facility in Southern China. For over 22 years, HOMEBRITE has been at the forefront of manufacturing a wide variety of household products involving technologies of graphic designs, engineering, electronics, plastic injection and retail packaging.

In 2002, we restructured our manufacturing facility and entered into the energy conserving industry of Solar Lighting, growing to become one of the leading LED lighting specialists. Product creations, advanced technologies, engineering and retail packaging are all performed in-house. Ten thousand hours of testing provide for maximum quality and reliability. Utilizing high standards in our selection of suppliers and with a sophisticated receiving procedure, we are able to optimize our products to the highest possible level of quality. All aspects of production are meticulously managed and monitored to ensure all finished goods meet our high expectations.

We believe consumers are entitled to enjoy only proven-effective products. This philosophy has set us a level above our competitors when introducing new products into the market. Our Exclusive Super Bright Technology has been a proven success in the Solar Lighting industry. With extra power and intense brightness, it outshines its competition. Most importantly, our products have earned the trust of customers. Our satisfied customers include national TV shopping networks, large chain hardware stores, catalog and mail order specialists, nationwide drug stores and supermarkets chains.

“Seeing Is Believing” HOMEBRITE SOLAR ™ invites you to visit us online or meet us at trade shows. Our product specialists stand ready to introduce our continually new innovations.