An Innovative Security Device. EYEWATCHSolar Powered Motion Detector.

Tips on charging the system

This motion detector must be installed outdoors with its solar panel receiving DIRECT sunlight. The built-in solar panel collects and converts sunlight into DC power everyday while the pre-installed rechargeable battery stores the energy to power the device at night. The built-in sensor automatically activates the unit at dusk and deactivates it at dawn.


1.   This detector works only when it is dark.
2.   To maximize battery capacity, the product should be fully charged by DIRECT sunlight for eight hours before initial use.
3.   Be sure battery is securely contacted with the correct polarities.
4.   Do not place the unit near a lighted object as the automatic on/off sensor may not work properly.
5.   Automatic on/off sensor works properly only by outdoor DIRECT sunlight.
6.   Solar panel surface must be kept clean to collect sunlight effectively.
7.   The LED bulb installed inside the unit normally lasts over 100,000 hours.
8.   The infrared sensor detects a sudden change of temperature and activates the alarm. So it is normal that under strong windy conditions the alarm may be activated by wind as the wind suddenly changes the temperature in the monitored area.

Sunlight direction varies from summer to winter. Sunlight at an angle to solar panel is not as effective as sunlight straight down onto solar panel. The illustrations may help placing SOLAR PANEL to receive most direct sunlight in different seasons.